• Private Investigations
  • Executive and Personal Protection
  • Security Details and Facility Protection
  • Maritime Security and Protection Services
  • Counter-Terrorism (Training & Education) Division
  • Combat & Self Defense

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We are a company that specializes in FIVE major categories as described above. Our specialties are second to none as we provide service with the best personnel available.

Our Executive Protection, Combatives Training and Counter Terrorism are both domestic and international with clients around the globe.

Ground Fighting and Striking Combatives are instructed by Israeli Krav-Magra experts as well as Mixed Martial Arts experts, several of who are inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Edged Weapons are instructed by MMA Experts trained in Knife Fighting, Filipino Blade and Krabi Krabong.

Private Investigations
DBG offers a wide range of services and has a vast array of experience to accomplish the goals of the client. DBG provides fast and accurate professional services.

Executive and Personal Protection
DBG provides and offers a comprehensive range of security related services to International and Domestic clients including Maritime Security, celebrities & government officials.

Security Details and Facility Protection
DBG is the outsource solution for providing your organization with industry leading security services and training

Gain an edge and contract or sub-contract with the Delta Bravo Group.

Delta Bravo Group has a vast array of experienced personnel who are career veterans in the military, law enforcement, and corporate security arenas.

Counter-Terrorism (Training & Education) Division
DBG offers in-house and mobile-reality based training, exclusively for military, law enforcement, first responders, private security operations (contract oriented corporations) or overseas operations.

DBG can prepare you and your group (within a limited amount of time, and at your facility location, if preferable).

DBG has an affiliate organization (J.C.T.P.A., Inc.). Joint Counter-Terrorism Professionals Association specializes in counter-terrorism tactics & training. JCTPA offers international trainers including state of the art training by Israeli Police Force and Israeli Defense Force personnel.

Combat & Self Defense
DBG has a selected staff of self defense and combat experienced trainers. The staff includes military, law enforcement, and corporate security personnel, with many years of mixed martial arts experience and knowledge. We teach the arts of combative fighting from hand to hand combat, to close range weapons training. DBG is a reality based martial arts/personal protection training organization and our training techniques are straight to the point, effective, and easy to understand.

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